Wedgemount Lake

Difficulty: Challenging

Terrain: Steep – some steep scrambling (loose rocks), some technical sections. Soft footing and mud at the start which turns to rock by the end.

Distance: 14km

Gain: 1180m

Time: 5-7 hrs

Trail Running: Advanced

Camping: Yes

Views: Excellent view of the lake and glacier, Several along the route, worth the effort.

Top Essentials Required: 1-11


It was tough but worth the effort to see the lake. It is also possible to get up close to the glacier. It is very steep all the way up and would be even harder with camping gear on your back. Some sections could be compared to the climbing of the grind. The way back can take as long as the way up due to the steep sections. Consider a good pair of shoes for the scrambling and plenty of hydration.  Chilly at the top.