Hanes Valley Trail

Difficulty: Difficult

Terrain: The majority of the trail is a mixture of rocks and soft trail with some areas of mud in the denser forest.  There is a large boulder field that you need to go up and it’s certainly wise to have a good pair of grippy shoes.  Once you reach the top it is far more technical.

Distance: 19km

Gain: 1280m

Time: 6-8hrs

Trail Running: Intermediate/Difficult

Views: Once you hit the boulder field you are treated to views of Hanes Valley.  At the top, you have views of local and distant mountains.

Top Essentials Required: 1-11

Very enjoyable hike.  The majority is a fairly easy incline and easy trail to hike.  The boulder field is quite a challenge and something to take your time on. Once you reach the Crown mountain junction you have additional technical trail to traverse with sections that require chains to get up.  There are options to extend this trail by either adding Crown mountain to your route or making it into a full loop by taking the BCMC and Baden Powell back to Lynn Headwaters.  The trail beyond Norvan Falls is considered backcountry and you should be properly equipped with all the essentials.

Some things to note with this trail – the boulder field is only one way going up (the boulder field is too dangerous for downward travel), there is a creek crossing and sometimes in the early season this can be tricky to cross.

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