Diez Vistas

Difficulty: Intermediate

Terrain:  soft trail and rocks, some technical sections

Distance: 13km

Gain: 780m

Time: 5-7hrs

Trail Running: Intermediate

Views: views of Buntzen Lake, Indian arm and towards Burnaby and downtown Vancouver

Top Essentials Required: 1-11

*Be aware that the area is known for both Bears and Cougars.

The trail is a loop which makes it possible to travel either direction but my personal choice is to go anti-clockwise which make for an easier ascent. The First part of the trail is quite easy as it circles the right side of Buntzen Lake until you have reached the opposite side and it begins the pickup.  As you travel along the ridge you will find a few great viewpoints.  The paths do become streams, and it’s hard to find a place to walk without stepping into the water so I would consider taking an extra pair of socks to change into.  It is an excellent trail for running with some technical footing.

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