Learning from the past and trying new things

On Monday I signed up to Sun Mountain 50k. I did it just in time as the 50k sold out about 20 minutes after I signed up!   I have roughly 16 weeks until the BMO Vancouver Marathon and then two weeks after that is the 50k. My thinking ahead with training has put me in a fantastic position right now and allows me a lot of valuable time to train.


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Whistler Alpine Meadows – WAM!

The Whistler Alpine Meadows race got my attention as soon as it popped up on my facebook feed as a brand new race to join the Coast Mountain Trail Series. As I’ve progressed with trail running, I have wanted to push the distance and difficulty. The longest trail race distance that I have taken part in so far is roughly 15km, and I’ve been interested in finding longer races. The 25km distance was a great opportunity for me to push the distance on this technical and mountainous terrain.


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