Baden Powell

Difficulty: Challenging

Terrain: Technical and Steep sections. Loose rocks and boulder field which will get slippery when wet.  A lot of technical steps and downhill.  A Mixture of soft ground, gravel trails and rock.

Distance: 48km

Gain: 3000m+

Time: 12-17hrs

Trail Running: Experienced

Views: Excellent – several along the route. Eagle Bluffs has a great view.

Top Essentials Required: 1-11


An extremely challenging route with a huge amount of gain and long distance that should only be attempted with the correct gear and fitness. The whole route can be done at once with enough time or split into smaller sections, Horseshoe bay-Grouse Mtn, Grouse Mtn-Lynn Canyon, Lynn Canyon – Deep Cove).  You can grab extra hydration and nutrition at Grouse Mountain and Lynn Canyon.

Difficult sections, especially the climb up to Cypress. Consider going in the Horseshoe Bay to Deep Cove direction.  Choose one of the longest days in the year to give yourself plenty of hours.  It took us just over 14 hours to complete with a mixture of hiking and running.  Elite trail runners can manage it in under 6 hours.

Horseshoe Bay to Grouse Mountain


Grouse Mountain to Lynn Canyon



Lynn Canyon to Deep Cove


baden copyIMG_1887baden