Run Analysis

In my previous post, ‘Injury,’ I touched on some areas regarding foot strike and choosing the correct shoes.  I have recently been pretty interested in having someone look at my foot strike and point me in the right direction with my footwear.

I decided to pop into The Run Centre on the North Shore and have a quick analysis done.  They offer a basic and more in-depth analysis in the store.  The basic test purely gives you some direction on the right footwear to use and some tips on your body positioning.  The more advanced tests goes a little more in-depth with your cadence and training methods.

I decided just to get the basic one done that the chap in the store was able to do with me. After a quick discussion about my running history and direction I hopped onto the treadmill and ran for a few minutes while he filmed me from some different angles.  Once I was off he went through the videos with me.

His application was able to slow down the video and scrub forwards and backward to pinpoint the exact moments my foot hit the ground.  It was interesting to see that my body position was relatively straight and I had a midfoot strike.  From the front view I could see there was a slight natural roll to the foot when it took the full impact but nothing significant that would require any arch support.

He was able to say that I could go for any neutral shoe and wouldn’t need any support, which certainly gives me a better direction when looking at shoe options.  From the video, he also thought my follow through leg swing was quite low and I should learn to bring the foot and lower leg up higher to help with my cadence that he also believed was a bit on the low side.

My current choice of footwear has been the Hoka Cliftons for the road and light trails and the Hoka Challenger ATR for some more technical trails. Although they have a massive looking heal, they are fantastic for midfoot and forefoot striking.  These two Hoka shoes are extremely comfortable and light.

The chap said that I could certainly stick with the Hoka shoes for long distance and he gave me some pointers on some other shoes that would be ideal for more technical and wet trails.

I found the brief test fascinating and has certainly helped direct me further in my shoe choice.  I would wholeheartedly encourage anyone to get a run analysis next time they shop for a new pair of shoes.  Not everywhere will go into as much depth, but I would certainly recommend having some trained eyes at The Run Centre take a look for you.



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